9 Hole Disc Golf Course – Clouds of Montville

9 Hole Disc Golf Course – Clouds of Montville

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Have you ever tried playing Disc Golf?  What is this? Where can you play?  Located a the beautiful Clouds of Montville (166 Balmoral Road) – they have a 9 hole course.

Cost $10 for Adults; and $5 for children for 18 holes.  Frisbees can be hired at Reception.  Telephone 0414 623 447 to reserve your tee time!

Disc Golf (sometimes referred to as Frisbee Golf) is a flying disc game played over 9 or 18 holes.  The game is a precision and accuracy sport, in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target (the one at Clouds Eco Resort & Spa has chains to capture the disc.   

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. There are courses all over Australia and the game is played in about 40 countries around the world.

9 Hole Disc Golf Course Clouds Brochure 2017



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