Barung Landcare Association

Barung Landcare Association

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Barung Landcare Association:  Barung Landcare is an established part of the social fabric of the vibrant Maleny community – working tirelessly to ensure the sustainability of the natural resources of the region for the future.

Barung Landcare 2017

The dedication of Barung’s staff and volunteer Management Committees has led the group to:

  • Achieve extensive on-ground works on both public and private lands resulting in greater awareness of local flora and fauna, improved water quality and better environmental practices.
  • Establish a competitive, self-sustaining and educational local native plant nursery providing over 1.5 million local provenance native trees for the local area.
  • Instigate one of the Sunshine Coast’s premier tourism events – the Maleny Wood Expo, From Chainsaw to Fine Furniture™ running for the 16th year in 2012.
  • Achieve a high standard of environmental extension for local landholders gain community and regional volunteer support valued at well over
    $250 000 per year.

Join Barung:









–  a range of discounts from our local business supporters
–  bi-monthly Barung Newsletters
–  plant discounts in the nursery
–  2 free trees annually
–  access to many local specialists
–  weed, plant identification & specialist advice
–  access to our information resources
–  links to a friendly & caring community
–  the opportunity to make a difference

– See more at: Barung Landcare website

Barung Landcare is working to develop ethical solutions for a sustainable future. We support regional and local community empowerment to conserve and enhance the rich diversity of natural resources of the Blackall Range and environs.


Land for Wildlife is a free, voluntary conservation program that supports participants in protecting, enhancing and rehabilitating native flora and fauna on their property.The Land for Wildlife program offers free land management advice, workshops, field days, regular newsletters and opportunities to meet other like-minded landholders.Benefits and assistance to Land for Wildlife participants include: free onsite land management advice tailored to your property property revisits and ongoing property-specific advice free workshops and field days access to technical advice and resources, including environment grants and other incentives opportunities to network with like-minded landholders free Land for Wildlife sign for registered properties acknowledging the commitment made to nature conservation. If you require more help, please contact your local Conservation Partnerships Officer on (07) 5475 7272.


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