Bellingham Maze plus Mini Golf

Bellingham Maze plus Mini Golf

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Bellingham Maze plus Mini Golf : Opening Hours:  Open 10 am to 4 pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday during Qld School term time. Last admissions 3.15 pm.  Every day during school holidays.  Location:  25 Tanawha Tourist Drive  Tanawha, Qld, 4556.  Open for group bookings any day of the year by pre arrangement. Open 7 days during Queensland school holidays.  Checkout the website for the latest prices

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Timber Maze:  The hedge maze is currently under renovation and closed off till December 2014, meanwhile we offer you DISCOUNTED ENTRY PRICES for the NEW timber scrabble maze, NEW grass labyrinth, NEW children’s playground and other feature mazes including the tyre maze, rope maze and mini golf. Can you find the 8 dead ends in our timber scrabble maze? It is so much fun trying to figure out where those dead ends are. You think it is going to be easy and find 1, 2, 3 then 4 of the dead ends, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, the next 4 are more difficult to find. Good luck finding your way in our new timber maze. This maze was designed by an enthusiastic customer who just loves mazes. He agreed to design his first ever life size maze and it is a great hit with our customers.

About the Hedge Maze:  Currently closed off to the public.  The huge hedge maze is currently undergoing an extensive regeneration program with one of the Sunshine Coast’s favourite plants, the lilly pilly replacing all the original 20 year old cypress pine trees. It has been a labour of love for the current owners and their team of dedicated staff.  Due to the constant rains and an average of 4 floods per year over the last 4 years, the cypress pines have been gradually growing into trees and exposing their naked trunks. Since Bellingham Maze is a family attraction, nakedness in front of the public is just not on, hence the decision to remove the original cypress pine trees and replant the entire maze.  More than a thousand lilly pillies are planted in the maze and growing well but it is going to take some time before they all grow into a thick hedge maze. With tender loving care from the maze team it won’t be long till the maze grows into a thick hedge once again.

Mini golf :  Sunshine Coast mini golf has been a feature at Bellingham Maze since 2011. It’s a 2 par course that’s just right for all ages. Experienced golfers can practice the perfect putt and try to get a hole in one. Teenagers can challenge each other to see who can get the best score, and with this par 2 course, even little kids get to play too with a little tiny golf club – they just love to join in with the bigger kids and the grownups. The little kids might get the club head around the wrong way, but hey, they are joining in and having a ball! Try mini golf Sunshine Coast next time you visit Bellingham Maze.


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