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CoCreative Centre

CoCreative Centre in Maleny: We have many things going on at Co-Creative Center, the 5×5 metre room includes airconditioning, whiteboard and projector facilities and is for hire to those in line with our mission – Visual Meditations, Seminars and Talks, Physchic Development, Workshops, Book Launches, Children’s Workshops and much more.

Melissa’s Healing Space

Melissa’s Healing Space: Melissa believes that embracing a holistic lifestyle helps create a harmonious and balanced life. Yoga brings life to your life.

0417 200 192
Oneness Centre

Oneness Centre – where you can learn how to do healing’s, readings, teach meditation which will help you will self empowerment, gain self confidence, self esteem and self discovery of your gifts and talents. You will learn to trust and have faith within yourself to have clarity and clear direction in making the right choices and decisions about your path, by feeling within.

0418 958 793