Kenilworth Hall Show & Recreation Ground – Camping

Kenilworth Hall Show & Recreation Ground – Camping

Kenilworth Hall Show & Recreation Ground – Camping : Caravans, Caravan Clubs, Tent Campers – all are welcome at the Kenilworth Show Ground – Camping. Providing there is not prior use of the grounds – please drive in and pick a site. There are Powered and Unpowered Sites, Hot Showers and a Dump point. Sites using more than one power outlet are charged an extra fee.

Kenilworth Hall Show & Recreation Ground – Camping, Kenilworth, Qld

Kenilworth Show Ground Website

Heart of the Mary Valley.

Information and Bookings – Booking Officer – 0438 849 947 or email 

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It is strongly advised to pre-book your site during holiday periods and long weekends.

The grounds contains powered & unpowered camping sites, with hot showers provided.  Showers are coin operated ($1).

  • Camping fees for powered sites are $18 per night per site (including GST).  For sites using two power outlets an additional $3 per site per night will be charged.
  • Camping fees for sites with no power are $15 per night per site.
  • Metered Coin Showers require $1 coins and are located underneath the Hall

Toilets are located at the northern end of the Hall and on the eastern side of the grounds.

Please drive in and pick your site – fees will be collected late afternoon (if not collected please pay at the Kenilworth News-agency.

Caravans, caravan clubs, tent campers are all welcome (subject to availability and occasional event bookings).  Powered and unpowered sites, hot showers, dump point.

Please note:  

  • It is not advisable to park near the main ring in Cricket Season (October to April).
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times
  • Dog waste to be cleaned up; and
  • Dogs are not to disturb other Campers.

Also available for hire – the Main Hall, Kitchen and Dining Room Facilities.


07 5446 0131