Mapleton School Community Observatory

Mapleton School Community Observatory

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The Mapleton School Community Observatory can be found at the Mapleton School on Flaxton Drive.

Our experience varies from months to donkey’s years, and we have a couple of people who are taking college degrees in this subject. The one thing we all have in common is passion!  For bookings and/or enquiries about the Mapleton Observatory, please contact Lainie – telephone 07-54761183 – email

About the Mapleton Observatory

Mapleton School Community Observatory 2017

We hold one OPEN NIGHT each month. There is no need to book for this night – just turn up.

Open nights start at sunset and run for a couple of hours, all for the modest cost of $5 each or $15 for a family.

We also are open for bookings. This can be for one, or for a group of 20. The fee structure is $5 per head with a minimum fee of $50. School groups are $4 a head.

The difference between open nights and booked nights is that on open nights you may only get to see a couple of night sky objects.

Further information is available by contacting Lainie & Adrian Adams, email, telephone 07-54761183.

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