WALKS – Mary Cairncross

WALKS – Mary Cairncross

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1.7 km loop / Easy – Wheel Chair Accessible 30 – 60 minutes – Walks – Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.  About 5 km east of Maleny is the intersection of the Landsborough-Maleny Road and Mountain View Road.  If visitors head west along Mountain View Road they will soon come across Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve which preserves 52 hectares of the natural rainforest which once covered the Blackall Range.  

The Mary Cairncross reserve contains a remarkable array of native fauna and flora, including the pygmy mouse, bats, bush rats, possums, pademelons, wallabies, gliders, bandicoots, echidnae, geckos, goannas, skinks, bearded dragons, pythons and a plenitude of bird species such as brush turkeys, willie wagtails, the black-faced flycatcher, the eastern whipbird, the satin bowerbird, kookaburras, parrots, rosellas, owls, currawongs, pigeons, lorikeets, kestrels, kites, goshawks and the rifle bird.  The holes which can be seen in the ground have probably been dug by spiders, giant earthworms, pademelons or bandicoots.

Flora includes 107 tree species, 30 herb species, 26 shrub species, 50 vine species, 50 ferns/epiphytes, over 20 fungi, plus palm lillies, palms, orchids, lichen and mosses.  A large, hollow strangler fig is 400-500 years old and there are two rose gums aged 350-400 years.

The Reserve has 1.7 km of wheelchair-friendly walking trails, complete with tree identification tags.  There are picnic tables, barbecue facilities, a children’s playground, toilets, a kiosk, a ranger in attendance and, at the entrance, the Thynne Natural History Education Centre, which is staffed by well-informed volunteers.

It is open daily and guided walks can be arranged.

Remember:  Wear sturdy, enclosed boots or shoes.  Surfaces can be slippery.  Carry drinking water.  Plan to complete your walk well before dark.  Wear a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent.  Stay on marked tracks.  Use a map or track guide.  Ensure an experienced adult accompanies children.  Obey all safety and warning signs.  Take a charged mobile phone.  Accidents have happened, even to experienced bushwalkers.  In case of emergency try calling 000 or 112 if you are experiencing bad reception.  Domestic animals are not permitted on the walks.

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